10 Countries Where You Should Look For Scholarships


Did you know that there are so many countries across the world that can offer you scholarships? However, there is always the question of how easy it is to secure a scholarship in a particular country. Some of the countries have very strict criterion of offering scholarships while others are lenient. Here is a list of 10 countries that you should consider when seeking for scholarships:

  1. Korea

Korea ranks among the 10 countries with the strongest education systems across the world. For this reason, getting a scholarship here is indeed a fortunate thing. You can be assured of innumerable scholarship slots in the many academic institutions based in Korea.

  1. Japan

This is a close sister to Korea. It is a perfect place where you might want to seek scholarship in 2017. There are so many universities wiling to absorb both local and international students on scholarship.

  1. United Kingdom

No one needs to be told that some of the most powerful universities in the world are located in the UK. It is for this reason that the country still stands in the top rank among the countries with the best education in the world. Winning a scholarship in UK is a great achievement.

  1. United States of America

The US is also not left behind in terms of the education the offer both locally and internationally. The country prides itself in top ranking universities in the world today. Scholarship slots are usually available in different varsities.

  1. South Africa

It is among the very few African countries with the best education systems not only ranking locally but globally as well. The country endorses students on scholarships often. Try your luck here.

  1. Canada

Still among the few places where scholarships are available in abundance. You might want to head into this country and try your luck. If you must know, Canada has a top rank in the world for the good education offered there.

  1. Finland

Not so long ago, this country was marked as one of those with the highest potential in terms of the education it offers. Scholarships are usually granted frequently in this country.

  1. Netherlands

We cannot fail to acknowledge the education capacity that Netherlands holds. It is for this very reason that the country is known to offer scholarship slots to both local and international students. Your luck might be waiting in Netherlands.

  1. Singapore

Here comes another academic giant. The number of institutions here keep growing by the day. Scholarship chances also keep taking a concurrent rise. Your chances could be in this country. Seek to know when the scholarships in the country are available. You never know what may come your way.

  1. Hong Kong

No one knew that Hong Kong could be among the few countries with the strongest education systems. Now you know. Scholarships are also in abundance in the country. Be ready to apply for scholarships in Hong Kong universities and you might be just lucky.

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